The Other Yellow, Blue and Red

CONMOBEL headlines were made yesterday as Colombia came back from a 3-0 deficit to qualify for their first World Cup since France '98. Its an achievement worth celebrating, as your dear correspondent witnessed last night in Bogotá. 

As exciting as that win proved to be, there was another group of players, clad in Yellow, Blue, and Red who achieved something just as remarkable down the Pan Am highway in Quito. Ecuador defeated Uruguay on home soil to settle into the 3rd place in CONMOBEL, needing only to maintain their 6 point goal difference over Uruguay in their last match to qualify for Brazil.

Its a very impressive win seeing as Uruguay boast an attacking duo of Suarez and Cavanni, and were semi-finalists just 4 year ago. A Jefferson Montero goal in the 30th minutes put Ecuador in front, and a massive team effort kept a clean sheet against to secure all three points.

While the world at large is excited about Colombia joining the 32 team field in Brazil next summer, don't discount the other Yellow, Blue and Reds.  They may make their mark after all.


Petar MadjaracComment