Mexico: A Fellowship of The Cup?

After a brutal road to qualification, Mexico's 5-1 win over New Zealand last week in Mexico City has them on the brink of Brazil. But before they're second leg match in Wellington, NZ, El Tri took an ironic, twitpic friendly, practice-kit adventure to a Lord of the Rings Museum.

If you think about it, Mexico's journey to the World Cup has been a lot like that of Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee. Like them hobbits, infighting, poor advice from untrustworthy guides, a lot of luck, and finally, arrival in Mordor have marked their path.

Chances are it will end the same way too. Like Frodo tossing the ring in the fire, they'll toss their hat in the, er, ring....You get the point.

Anyway, here's captain of the Fellowship, Rafa Marquez, with an Orc.

Like most 13-year-old boys, Rafa Marquez wears his Under Armour to the museum too.

The rest was basically a Javier Rodriguez photo shoot.

Oohh. Bad omen. Never touch Gandalf's staff, bro.

Or pick an Ogre's nose...

Mexico would need a serious tragedy, like an if-Gollum-swallowed-Frodo's-finger-and-ran-away-forever kind of tragedy, to not qualify in Wellington on Wednesday morning (EST). But if that happens, and apparently New Zealand are rreeeaallly going for it, well, Rodriguez may have provided national newspapers with some perfect front-page fodder.


Mexico and New Zealand kickoff at 1am EST Wednesday on ESPN.

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