Arsenal please! Dont keep breaking my heart

The Key will be to buy the players that Arséne want to buy

-Ivan Gazidiz


Trickster Elite

I'd like to believe him. I really would.  In the past, Arsenal fans always get the same song and dance.  And every year we up 20 behind Man U in the title race, and exiting 3 cup competitions in the space two weeks. 

In his defense, It does feel a bit different this year.  Maybe its because for once we and not the team whose star players are locked in a summer long transfer saga.  Its Spurs losing Gareth Bale to Madrid, or Liverpool sweating their palms over the possibility of losing Suarez to Pep and his Germans boys.  Even the boy Wayne Rooney is being mentioned daily in the gossip columns.  Or maybe its because we have finally upped our commercial contracts to competitive prices where we will be getting more from the our shirts and kit sponsors. Somehow, it feels different.


I'd like to believe him. I really would. I hope that we will spend the money, and buy two or three really top class players.  Two or three difference makers who will allow us to compete on all fronts this upcoming campaign, and finally, definitively end this trophy drought.

I'd like to believe him. I really would. I'd like to think that Marouane Fellaini, Robert Lewandowski, and Cesc Fabregas are all coming to Arsenal this summer, but I isn't this the same verbage we have heard every summer.  We will buy the players we want at the price we think is reasonable. And haven't most of the players we have bought been marginal at best?   

I'd like to believe, I really would.  And this summer, I am changing my tone.  I am upbeat for once, expectantly hopeful, and cautiously optimistic.

This summer, I do believe him. I really do.  

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