Inside the Bogotá Clásico | Part 4: The History

Alas, we've come to the end. Of the special, that is. Not the Bogotá derby. Oh that's still going on. And will continue for a long time. Actually, right now, these are golden days. In it's 66 year history, both these Bogotá clubs have never been able to sustain themselves near the top of the league for such a long time. Colombia's two semester, 8-playoff team system certainly helps. But every Millonarios-Santa Fe match in recent years has had significance. The way a derby should be.

In the big picture, Millos firmly hold the upper hand. In 290 clásicos to date, they've won 111 to Santa Fe's 78. Their 14 league titles, the most of any team in Colombia (but Atlético Nacional with 13 and now two in a row are fast on their heels), also doubles Santa Fe's seven. But Santafereños will always remind them that they were the first. The OGs. Colombia's first-ever title holders in 1948.

The Bogotá derby is fascinating and historic sports theater with legends like Alfredo di Stefano, Wilington Ortíz, René Higuita and Alfonso Cañon in past playbooks. And all this has almost entirely escaped North American attention. But if you want to learn about Colombia's football in a hurry, look no further than the rivalry heating up its capital.

This special was originally produced for and published by NTN24/RCN in Bogotá.

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