A Journey to the World Cup



American Fútbol is a feature-length documentary about soccer culture in Latin America.

Four friends, Four months, eight countries, and a World Cup to get to.

Follow four American filmmakers on a journey from US to Brazil as they search for stories that define Latin America’s obsession with the beautiful game, and inspire a new perspective on the sport in the United States.

From the US-Mexico border, to the mountains of Ecuador, blind football in Bogotá, barras bravas in Argentina and the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, this adventure explores the people and places where fútbol means the most.

Feel the heartbeat to of the World's Game in American Fútbol, and experience soccer stories that are worth listening to. Stories that intersect life, politics, and football. Stories that matter.


7,000 Miles.           8 Countries.            1 Goal.