Liverpool vs Roma. Boston 2012.

Pete Karl and Sam Mathius are two American journalists who love the Beautiful Game.

Peter, a New England native, and Sam, from New Orleans, met at Emerson College in Boston, Mass. They formed a friendship bonded by soccer and cheap beer. Pete, now a bilingual journalist, and Sam, an experienced football writer, want to help soccer grow in the United States. By traveling through Central & South American en route to Brazil for the World Cup, they hope to bridge the gap between the US and the 'fútbol'-loving nations that impact the ever-growing Latin-flavor of our soccer nation.




Peter "PK" Karl

Peter "PK" Karl

Sammy 'D' Mathius

Petar 'El Don' Madjarac

Petar 'El Don' Madjarac

Soccer seduced Pete at the age of 18. Since then, the late-onset obsession he shares with many other Americans has become nothing short of a full-on football fetish. Now 25, Pete works and lives as a journalist in Bogotá, Colombia.

Before going 'gringo', he spent two years working in Los Angeles. Some of his work includes a 1-on-1 interview with Jurgen Klinsmann for FourFourTwo, as well as articles in the Boston HeraldLoaded magazine, and the Sabotage Times.

Born in Louisiana, Sam grew up in a place known more for the other form of football. Oddly knowledgeable in the intricacies of soccer, Sam is a perfect choice to spearhead our research, his lack of Spanish not withstanding.

Plying his trade as a soccer writer the last three years has increased his breadth of knowledge about the sport. An avid Liverpool and U.S. Men's National Team supporter since he was a kid, Sam is the most tenured fan on the team. 

Petar is a video producer and director. Born in the former Yugoslavia but raised mostly in the U.S., Petar brings a unique perspective to this American project, as well as years of international travel experience.

Bar Hawaii, he's been to all 50 states, making him more of an American than most.  Petar has spent the last three years producing socially-centered short documentaries and television programs across the U.S. and Europe